When to Send Your Invitations if You're Planning a Wedding During Coronavirus

We all have a lot more time on our hands, and it would be normal and natural to use our spare time to plan. Plan for a wedding, plan for a holiday, or plan your weekend. Now we’re facing a global pandemic and none of us know what the future holds, making us scared to make plans and look forward.

I wanted to share a few tips, the conversations I’ve had and how Nicety Studio is more flexible than ever, helping couples plan for their wedding and send their invitations with confidence and excitement during Coronavirus.

As a wedding vendor and stationer, I was expecting (along with most other wedding professionals) to have one of my busiest years yet. Newly engaged couple were excited to have ‘2020’ on their invitations. Fast forward to March 2020, and all those excited couples started facing a complete 180 to their original plans.

I’ve had couples in every stage of postponement. Some had booked in but we hadn’t begun working on their invitation suite yet, some had sent out their invitations and needed to do a reprint, some wanted to book but felt too scared to commit. Below are some of my couples stories and situations, and how I’m responding.

What I’m doing to support each couple: 

When to Send Your Invitations if You're Planning a Wedding During Coronavirus

Elizabeth & Eric, 10/10/20

Richmond, Virginia

Elizabeth and Eric were due to get married on 10/10/20. I remember during our initial conversations how excited Elizabeth was to display their wedding date on their invitations. We sent out their beautiful deep emerald save the dates with gold foil, showcasing their date in a bold yet elegant way, and we were due to start working on their main invitation suite in May.

During the beginning stages of lockdown, they were moving ahead as planned with their original date. Luckily as I’m a designer and print studio, I have more control over my production timelines. Usually I allow up to 4 weeks to print and produce a suite, however during these times flexibility is key. Therefore we decided to begin designing their invitations, get the artwork signed off, and have their suite ready to put into production when they felt comfortable to give me the green light. This gave them more time to decide whether to move ahead or postpone, and allowed me to create their invitations without any creative sacrifices (just less time, but that’s okay!).

This week they had announced they were postponing their wedding (party). Their new plan is to wed/elope on their original date, and push the full party to 2021. We’re now working together on some gorgeous printed ‘change the dates’ to send out to their guests. I’m also offering and supplying my couples with free digital ‘change the dates’ in the style of their suite.

When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Sasha & Ben, 08/28/20
New York, New York

Sasha and Ben inquired in late April, with their wedding date set for 08/28/20. Shortly after, we decided to schedule a zoom couple along with their planner, Willa from Wild Heights Events. During the call, they let me know that they had their postponement date booked for August 2021, but wanted to proceed as if their 2020 date was still going ahead. They also let me know that if they do postpone, they would likely want to do something ‘bigger and better’ for their 2021 wedding, switching from a semi-custom collection to a custom designed suite.

This was a tricky one to come up with a solution for! However these zoom calls are proving to be so effective, and bringing to light just how well people can work together when working as a team.

Last night, I sent off their first round of design mockups for their chosen semi-custom collection (Letter) which they LOVE (YAY!). I also put in some surprise embellishment options such as foiled envelope liners and wax seals, add-ons I can either produce in-house or source quickly. Just because we’re having to put our skates on, doesn’t mean creativity needs to suffer.

We will put off the print date until mid-June, which is the latest they’ll wait to make their decision on their wedding date. If they decide to move it to 2021, I will use their booking deposit and put it towards creating their custom designed invitations. I care for my couples and although I can’t offer free printing or materials, I can offer my time.

Sasha and Ben are currently proceeding with the Letter Collection, pictured above.

When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Lauren & McKenzie, 08/08/20
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Lauren and McKenzie were set to get married in Canada this August. I had completed and shipped their invitation suite just a week before lockdown started (which by the way, feels like years ago!). They were one of my first couples to announce their postponement, and how unfortunate it was that I’d JUST made their invitations.

They moved their wedding date exactly a year later. Luckily, their RSVP cards said to rsvp by ‘April 30th’ - with no year! So they can reuse these, along with their menus. Their save the dates and invitations will be reprinted with their new date, at their original pricing with a further 10% discount.

When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Madison & Mark, 09/26/20
Sherburne, Vermont

Madison and Mark have sent their save the dates, and are currently proceeding with their September wedding date! If you’re in a similar position as this, talk with your stationer! Everyone is coming up with solutions, and finding ways to be flexible - it’s what creatives do best!

We’re working on getting their text completed and invitations designed, so that we can have it ready to print if and when the couple are ready. Giving them this extra time to make a decision will help them avoid having to do any reprints further down the line.

When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

What to do if you’re planning your wedding during Coronavirus - Frequently asked questions:

I’m supposed to be getting married this Autumn and don’t know what to do...
Talk to your planner and talk to your stationer! We’re all working harder than ever to make your dream wedding come true. Make sure you keep in constant communication with all your thoughts, plans, and worries. This will help us help you plan more effectively!

If you’re in doubt, postpone! I can’t imagine having to plan my wedding during this time, and I think the daily anxiety of not knowing would eat me alive. Talk to your stationer about what they can offer in terms of postponement announcements.

I’m supposed to be getting married this Winter. I’m scared to send out invitations because I don’t know if it’ll happen.

I usually tell my couples to send their invitations 8-12 weeks before their wedding day. This would mean for a winter wedding, I’d be expecting to start design work between now and the beginning of August. Talk to your stationer, and if you haven’t yet got one, start inquiring! Talk to them about their options, and find a stationer that speaks to your pain points and has a solution that works for you.

I’m working hard on getting all design work completed for my Autumn/Winter couples. As I do my printing in-house, I’m holding off on this until the last possible minute so my couples to have more time to decide what to do.

I’m trying to postpone my wedding, but there aren’t many dates left with my venue.

This is one I’ve had from a few of my brides now. With so many couples having to postpone to 2021, wedding vendors diaries and getting booked up for 2021 already.

Book vendors early! If you’re scared to spend, talk to them about what they can offer and what their policy is if you have to postpone again. I’m currently offering a 10% booking deposit for my 2021 couples. I have lots of reprints to do for couples that had received and sent out their invitations, so a lot of my booking slots are now being taken with these rather than new couples.

I’ve already sent my wedding invitations, and am now postponing to 2021. What do I do?

Talk to your stationer about what they can offer as a postponement announcement, as the first thing you’ll want to do is inform your guests.

Then you can begin the conversation with your stationer about reprinting your suite. A lot of stationers (including myself) are offering reprints at material cost only.

Communication really is key right now with all of your wedding vendors. If you would like to speak with me about your situation, I will happily give you advice and help in any way I can!

Drop me a line here: anna@nicetystudio.com or leave a comment below and let’s start problem solving!

Anna xxx

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