Semi-Custom Wedding Stationery – Now Available!

Having finally bought my own foil press a couple of months ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time experimenting with new designs, papers, and foils. I’ve been slowly growing my website and offerings during this period whilst bringing out new products, and have finally released a new line of semi-custom invitations too! I’ll be continuously adding more matching pieces and new collections (2 new ones in the works already that I’m super excited about!). 

Nicety Studio Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

Type: Minimal 

This semi-custom wedding invitation is inspired by antique books, scripts, and papers with a focus on elegant and minimal typography.

Nicety Studio Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

Type: Modern

This invitation is inspired by the layout of poetry, using modern and bold staggered typography to create a unique piece of print to send out to your family and friends. I’m in love with this design! 

Nicety Studio Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

Type: Classic

A modern twist on classic invitations, this semi-custom invitation pairs elegant and bold typography and typesetting creating a unique and fresh suite.

Nicety Studio Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

I’ve also been working on some custom pieces, for brands and personal use. I’ve done some cards for Kelsey McClellan to mirror one of her beaut photos of cute SF homes, and I’m currently working on some branded stationery for Sonia Boyajian. 

Anyway it’s a super exciting time at Nicety Studio, we’ve been having more people email in than ever before, and even just the cute Instagram DM’s to say you love what we make keeps us going!!! 

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