Finding Inspiration and How to Use It

Any newly engaged couple would agree that their go-to for wedding inspiration is Pinterest. It’s such a great platform and I have had so many enquiries come in from this alone which is great! Sometimes if someone pins one of my designs, I’ll be intrigued as to what else they’ve got on their board, and usually it’s pretty spot on; luxury and slightly bohemian. There are times that I’ve clicked on someones ‘wedding stationery board’ and they’ve pinned 200 entirely different designs, from modern, to DIY, to floral, to script. It’s really overwhelming when you first get engaged as there’s so much out there, so here are a few tips for how to best utilize these websites. 

Nicety Studio Wedding Styling Board

This is usually where couples start out, however don’t go too crazy pinning everything and anything you see. Think about what you as a couple want, where it is, what time of day, the venue, and try to pin only what you can see working in that context. 

Instagram is great for finding out a bit more about a specific vendor you’ve been looking at. It almost acts as the new homepage and visual diary, helping you get a true insight into them as a person and their style. This is great for when you’ve narrowed down a few different vendors for something and what to find out a bit more about what they can offer before you get in contact. 

Wedding Blogs
For me the best blogs really have their own style. Wedding Sparrow for example focuses on a fine art, whimsical, and bohemian approach. This makes it really easy for couples who really know their style and are looking for ideas on the finer details of their wedding. Another one of my favourite blogs is Style me Pretty which is all about the modern bride. 

Nicety Studio Moodboard

Where I find inspiration
I’m just like every other person, in that I’ll go on Pinterest and see a million things I love that inspire me and end up getting really lost in what I want to achieve. I find it helpful to make a moodboard outside of Pinterest, allowing myself one page to design on, and only featuring my absolute favourite things that I think represent me and my brand entirely. It’s important to find your own way to focus your various sources of inspiration into something useful for you and your wedding. 

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